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Open access to peer-reviewed journal articles in ethnomedicine and ethnobotany via my blog and PubMed, indexed by species. Includes a look-up feature at the Encyclopedia of Life [EoL] and a gallery of photos of medicinal plants on display at leading botanical gardens in the United States, Mexico & Europe.

Dalbergia hortensis

(endireita mundo)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Delonix regia

(gulmohar, royal poinciana)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dendrocalamus strictus

(印度实竹, বাঁশ bams, બાંસ bans, बांस bans, ಬಿದಿರು bidiru, वेळू velu, वंश vansha, காட்டுமூங்கில் kattu-munkil, పోతువెదురు potu veduru, بانس bansa, bans, male bamboo, mula, phai sang, tummatukkibambu)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dendrophthora fastigiata

(suelda pequeña)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Digitaria ciliaris

(升馬唐, byswellt trofannol, jungle ghass, southern crabgrass)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Digitaria nodosa


[PubMed] [EoL]

Diplostephium juniperinum

(monte de baño)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Diplostephium oblanceolatum

(chuquir agua)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Derris scandens

(derris powder, hog creeper, tuba root)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dillenia pentagyna

(小花五桠果, বন চালতা ban chalta, કરમલ karmal, करमल karmal, ಕಾಡು ಕಣಿಗಲು kaadu kanigalu, पिवळा करमळ piwala karmal, पुन्नाग punnaga, புன்னை வகை punnai vakai, రేవడ revada, ส้านช้าง, okshi, railgatcho, vazhapunna)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dodonaea viscosa

(hopbush, hopseed bush, viraali (விராலி))

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dryopteris ramosa

(Pakistan wood fern)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dryopteris stewartii

(Stewarts wood fern)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Duabanga grandiflora

(दुआबंगा, लाम्पाते, ลำพูป่า, pokok berembang bukit)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Dyera costulata


[PubMed] [EoL]

Dysosma tsayuensis

(西藏八角莲, dong na long dong)

[PubMed] [EoL]

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