Ethnomedicinal Herbarium

Open access to peer-reviewed journal articles in ethnomedicine and ethnobotany via my blog and PubMed, indexed by species. Includes a look-up feature at the Encyclopedia of Life [EoL] and a gallery of photos of medicinal plants on display at leading botanical gardens in the United States, Mexico & Europe.


Urtica dioica
New York Botanical Garden
(Photo: WAH)

Umbilicus horizontalis

(aricchia di vecchia, horizontal navelwort, narrow navelwort, paracqua)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Umbilicus rupestris

(deilen gron, navelwort, pampina di uricchia, penny-pies, uriccieddi, wall pennywort)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Urtica dioica

(common nettle, stinging nettle)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Usnea spp

(beard lichen, bi ba beng suo, naavat, old man's beard)

[PubMed] [EoL]

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