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Open access to peer-reviewed journal articles in ethnomedicine and ethnobotany via my blog and PubMed, indexed by species. Includes a look-up feature at the Encyclopedia of Life [EoL] and a gallery of photos of medicinal plants on display at leading botanical gardens in the United States, Mexico & Europe.


Voacanga africana
Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
(Photo: WAH)

Vaccinium myrtillus

(arándano, arandanos, blauwe bosbes, heidelbeere, чapнiкa, чapнiчнiк, iвaнaвыя ягaды, чopныя ягaды, ягoднiк, ягaды (лecныe)/čarnicy, čarnika, čarničnik, ivanavyja jahady, čornyja jahady, jahodnik, jahady [liesnyje])

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Vaccinium vitis-idaea

(越桔, airelle rouge, borówka brusznica, brušnika, cowberry, hiroha koke-momo, lingon, mesutaq, merisor de munte, mirtillo rosso, бpуcникa, preiselbeere, puolukka, rauðber, rode bosbes, tyttebær)

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Vallaris glabra

(bread flower, kesidang)

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Veronica anagallis-aquatica

(blue water-speedwell, bong ga neng bong, brook pimpernel, water speedwell)

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Viburnum opulus

(guelder-rose, 天目琼花, koiranheisi, viorne obier, viorne aquatique, gemeiner schneeball, oppio, călin, kalina obyčajná, mundillo, olvon)

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Viscum album

(European mistletoe, mistletoe)

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Vitex doniana

(black plum, burrehi, gab, goumedji, kel, koro ni fiin, mcoga, mfudu, mfulu, mututu, prune noire)

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Voacanga africana

(small-fruited voacanga, 非洲马铃果)

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