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Open access to peer-reviewed journal articles in ethnomedicine and ethnobotany via my blog and PubMed, indexed by species. Includes a look-up feature at the Encyclopedia of Life [EoL] and a gallery of photos of medicinal plants on display at leading botanical gardens in the United States, Mexico & Europe.

Zanthoxylum armatum

(Nepal pepper, Nepalese pepper, timur, winged prickly ash)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zanthoxylum bungeanum

(大椒, hua jiao, ye ma)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zea mays

(bottha, corn, maize, mealie, mielie, milho)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zehneria scabra

(areg resa, hareg resa, hidda bofaa, hidda reffaa )

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zingiber montanum

(banadrak, blae ko bor, Cassumunar ginger, gung do, kaattu-inchi, phlai, vanardraka)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zingiber officinale

(ada, garden ginger, ginger, inchi-ver, zanajabil)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Zingiber ottensii

(blae ko sue)

[PubMed] [EoL]

Ziziphus nummularia

("ban Kul""""", ચણીબોર chanibor, गांगर gangar, झड़बेरी jhar-beri, جهڙبيري jhar-beri, jujube, ಮುಳ್ಳುಹಣ್ಣು mulluhannu, நரியிலந்தை nari-y-ilantai, رمیلک ramilak, రేగుకంప regu kampa, सूक्ष्मफल sukshmaphala)

[PubMed] [EoL]

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